Life Wisdom

I got your back.


I am a defender of those I call friends.

This does not mean that I do not see their faults or excuse their behavior when it is wrong. It just means that I will not allow someone else to lash out in volatile anger towards them without attempting to show them a bigger picture. I always have my friends backs. Always.

If I feel they have been amiss in their actions I will try and help them see where they went wrong, but never in front of the attacker. I find this type of interventionism simply fuels the fire of the attacker. Nothing EVER gets solved, peace is never reached, when people are being ruled by their hurt feelings, over inflated egos, and sense of self righteousness.  I always suggest just backing away and allowing tempers to cool. There is no need for violence, but I  assure you, I will not stand back and allow a friend to be attacked. This does not mean that I have “taken their side” in the war that has been waged. I am always on the side of Peace and Love but I also always have my friends back. If you continue to attack when peace is trying to be made, this lioness has the teeth and the claws to make you regret that decision.

Recently, I had a friend act out in defiance while being criticized and attacked by someone they were pursuing. My friends defiant and childish behavior was wrong, very wrong. However, the attack unleashed by the other person was viscous and unwarranted.  In this woman’s need to justify her offended senses and reactions, she basically called anyone who chose to remain friends with the man weak, blind and even empowering an “abuser” because in this other persons need to be right and wage war they could not see the BIG picture. Their bloated ego had been offended and a self righteous anger had taken over.

It is my hope that both people learn and grow from their interaction. Because ultimately, there is a lesson here that each of them needs to learn. Life is always trying to teach us and raise us to a higher level of consciousness.

I have the ability to see into and around situations like this, everyone had this ability if they choose to. I see the spaces in between. I see the archetypes at play, the actions and reactions that take place when people are interacting. In this instance, I saw this woman attack from a mother/authoritative archetype which my friend, instead of standing in his King position, reacted from his defiant teen archetype. His behavior was wrong, hers was wrong also. Hers does not excuse his. However, we must always be aware that the powers of attraction are always at play and our behavior , thoughts and words  have power.


We are responsible for the energy others give back toward us, we are responsible for our reactions to the negative energy others give out to us. ALWAYS we are responsible. Choose your thoughts, words and actions with care. Always choose to ACT not ReACT, there is a difference.

With Love,







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