Photography · Poetry



she struggles against

the cocoon of obligation

of expectations

of lies told since childhood

of her smallness and unworthiness

all these lies wrap around

and keep her bound in

a beautiful chrysalis

gilded in gold

inside the dark she transforms

her inner light finds its way

lies and masks crumble

and she finds her truth

she is worthy

she is powerful

she is beautiful

slowly she begins to transform

and gain strength

the stronger she becomes

the weaker her prison walls

soon just a pale shell easily escaped

she stretches her new found wings

and breaks free

emerging triumphant

ready to dance among the wildflowers

and feast on the nectar of life


Awake and Roaring


I have been a lamb for way too long.

Always afraid of hurting others

while they hurt me,

afraid of offending others

while they offend me,

afraid of being rejected

for being all of me.

To protect my heart

I made myself


a little unobtrusive lamb

and caged the lioness.

It took some time

much healing had to take place

but now I realize

I have nothing to fear

I am not the lamb

I let them create

I am not afraid any more

of them


of my own power

embracing all that I am

I awake

and ROAR